Nevis appears as a story-book island, rising majestically out of the ocean, with a small, but perpetual group of clouds over our Peak.  This cloud cover produces its own micro-climate, which blesses us with warm showers, keeping the landscape lush and green.  These small bits of cloud over Nevis Peak are the inspiration for our island's name, which comes from "nieve", the Spanish word for snow.  


Our activities embrace the natural resources that Nevis has provided us!  Discover old ruins and stone works in the foothills of our volcano with a Nevisian guide who will include historical knowledge and great anecdotes.  Search out hidden waterfalls.  Hike to Nevis Peak through lush rain forest.  Visit our hot springs after a long trek.  Go for a strenuous mountain bike ride, ATV tour, or just a gentle pedal along old forgotten shaded lanes.  Closer to the ocean there is horseback riding at sea's edge, as well as kayaking, sailing, scuba-diving, and snorkeling.  For the fishermen, there is excellent deep sea fishing for Wahoo or Mahi.  Back at our property, you can relax with a mango scrub at the spa or we can book a round of golf at the nearby award-winning, championship golf course.  There is much to do on Nevis. 


Naturally, our beaches are an activity as well.  There are beach bars with music ranging from reggae to soca and steel pan music.  Or there is tranquil Lovers Beach, which may not have another soul on it.  And of course, in front of the hotel is a long stretch of Pinney's beach, which is great for morning strolls and evening sunsets.  Nevis allows for, and embraces, any level of activity!    


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Some history fans will know this, but most people are not aware that the tiny island of Nevis played a key role in American history.  It is the birthplace of Alexander Hamilton and the sugar industry at the time made it's economy larger than Manhattan.  Exploring the history of Nevis can add an interesting and unique dimension to your Caribbean vacation.

Alexandar Hamilton Birthplace